Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy Days Ahead...

Since receiving my first order, I have been literally go, go, go! Well, the hustle and bustle started way before then but now it's even busier.

I use to spend my days at home with my daughter or mother/daughter gatherings with my other mommy friends. I now have very little time to myself, but that's OK. This is my 2nd job, being a mommy will always come first - not to mention trying to help the shelter animals...

Yesterday was almost a 20-hour straight day for me, I suppose it is going to be like that for a while until I have my website launched, as well as my records and accounting junk set up and in order. I love the challenge of creating this whole thing from scratch and as I often say, "building this from scratch, has surely left me scratching my head in confusion". But! that's part of the exhileration. I'm not one to just sit around and wait for an opportunity to come to me, I'm going out there to grab it before someone else does. Call me competative, but the only person I'm competing with is myself. Often I feel discouraged or unsure about my new plans or business ventures, but then I tell myself that I will only get out of this what I put in to it. It's so true. My 20-hour days WILL PAY OFF! :)

Keep checking back, as I will be holding another contest very soon. I need to get back to finishing 2 custom orders for tonight!

If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at:

Thank you for reading and happy Saturday to everyone :)

<3 M


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